Michael Anderson

Executive & Business Leadership Coach


Michael Anderson believes that everyone deserves to work for a great leader and is driven by his passion to help executives become leaders their employees love to follow. He takes a process-oriented and data-driven approach to executive development. To his clients, Michael is a trusted advisor and ally. He employs proven methods and accountability to create lasting, transformative change.

Michael has advised and coached business founders and executive leaders at companies ranging from seven-figure start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Michael has observed that most executives need practical on-the-job learning with real-time feedback rather than more abstract leadership training. That’s why Michael uses a stakeholder-centered coaching approach, developed by the legendary coach Marshall Goldsmith. The approach is a highly effective process for behavior modification and stakeholder relationship management. Typical results include enhanced collaboration with management, staff, and peers; increased delegation and staff development; and improved execution on key initiatives.

Prior to coaching, Michael worked closely with executives in the technology industry, advised a number of startups, led several multi-national teams for Fortune 50 companies, and managed European network operations for a multi-billion-dollar corporation. He has a passion for supporting companies that empower their employees and have a positive impact on all stakeholders. After experiencing the transformative power of executive coaching in his own life, Michael is now fulfilling his calling to provide fearless coaching that brings out the best in leaders.